• Safe for all screens

    • Specifically designed to clean, polish and protect the screen of any cell phone and electronics device. There’s nothing in this bottle that will damage, etch or scratch your screens.
  • Non-Toxic & Odorless

    • Safe for you, your family and the environment. No harmful residue left behind. Plus, it’s an alcohol-free, ammonia-free, haze-free, anti-static, and streak-free formulation.
  • Antimicrobial Cloth

    • Using Screen Shine® with our ultra-soft and antimicrobial microfiber cloth makes your devices clean and shining like new.
  • Resists Fingerprints

    • Our proprietary formula leaves a nano-thin, anti-static, invisible coating that repels and resists dust, smudges, oils and fingerprints. It’s great for gamers, allowing fingers to breeze across the screen for faster, better gameplay.

WHOOSH! Screen Shine is the Next Generation of Clean and Screen Shine is leading the Tech Hygiene™ movement while revolutionizing how the world keeps digital screens, devices, gadgets and gear cleaned & polished. Screen Shine is a superior, powerful, non-toxic cleaner specifically designed to clean, polish & protect your smartphone screens and electronics devices. Great for gamers: allows fingers to breeze across the screen for faster gameplay and higher scores.

​Safe for all screens and safe for your family to use as it’s non-toxic & odorless plus it’s an alcohol-free, ammonia-free, haze-free, anti-static and streak-free formula. Every kit comes bundled with their Screen Shine sprayer and their premium antimicrobial microfiber cloth that will make your screen shine like new.

The instant Screen Shine hits a surface, such as your phone screen, it works to break down oils and biofilms into small pieces that allow the microfiber cloth to lift at the microscopic level. The lightweight solution then allows you to wipe and buff the screen to a shine. The antimicrobial properties of the cloth ensure that it will not smell or support bacterial growth, allowing you to use it repeatedly.

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