Whether you are using signature pads for banking, automotive service tickets, Point of Sale receipts or maybe for Government ID cards, if your application calls for a larger LCD and/or color LCD, you can’t go wrong by integrating signotec signature pads into your organizations’ signing solution.  The use of signotec’s larger display area allows the application designer to push all o some of the document to the display for the signer to comfortably read prior to signing for acknowledgment.

signotec’s color pads give the user the ability to display multiple color images that can entertain the client or can be used for marketing products and services of the organization. Their popular models provide color displays ranging in size of between 5″ and 10″ and their newest model has a 15″ display.

signotec’s optional SignoSign2 software permits the user to convert any printable document into a signable PDF form. in just a couple of clicks, securing the signature to the form to assure its validity.

signotec’s solutions for electronic signatures do not only stand for innovation, but also for investment safety. The compliance with not only industry-specific but also with technological and legal standards is therefore highly emphasized.

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