• Designed to support Topaz SigLite L460, SigGem L462 and SigLite LBK460 and SigGem LBK462 series

  • Any signature pad device that is measured at 25 mm or smaller.

  • STASH products are safe for use in many work environments. 

STASH is a series of Signature Pad Wall Mount products available at “” that allow users, throughout various industries, to store signature capture pads conveniently and securely off of your desk or counter area.

Due to their high gloss, white color, ECO friendly, acrylic design and ease of cleaning, STASH products are safe for use in many work environments.

The STASH Model CT6158 supports devices up to 25 mm thick (includes the Topaz L and LBK 1×5 models). STASH signature pad wall mounts can be installed in close proximity to the PC that the signature pad will be connected to for use. When the signature pad is no longer needed, simply slide it back into the STASH wall mount.

The STASH units can be mounted in close proximity to the PC that the signature pad will be attached to for use and then placed back into the wall mount until needed again. The STASH electronic signature pad holders can also be used by smartphone and tablet users. The design of the STASH CT6125 can accommodate many popular smartphones with and without protective cases. Install the STASH near a power outlet for easy charging.  They are also perfect for installing at your bedside or kitchen counter.  Simply put, anywhere that desk and counter space are at a premium.

STASH products can be mounted on virtually any smooth surface, including glass, tile, wood, and metal. The STASH signature pad holders have integrated non-slip pads to help prevent the device from sliding while mounted. The STASH electronic signature pad holders ships with 2 strips of durable, double-sided tape or for a more secure installation, use the included screws and anchors.

Signature Pad Compatibility

The STASH CT6158 Electronic Signature Pad holders are compatible with:

Signature pads Models:

  • Scriptel ST1550, ST1550-6FT, ST1551, ST1551-6FT, ST570, ST1570-6FT, ST157-5M, ST1571, ST1571-6FT, ST1571-5M, ST1475, ST1475-6FT, ST1476 and ST1476-6FT
  • Topaz SigLite T-S460-HSB-R, SigLite T-S460-B-R, and SigLite T-S461-HSB-R
  • Signotec Sigma ST-BE105-2-U100, Sigma ST-BE105-2-FT100, Sigma ST-ME-105-2-U100 and Sigma ST-ME105-2-FT100, Gamma ST-GERT-3-U100, Gamma ST-GERT-3-UFT100, Zed ST-ZBERT-3-UFT100 and Zed ST-ZBERT-3-U100
  • Wacom STU-300, STU-430, STU-500 and STU-530
  • As well as many others (confirm required dimensions before buying).

In addition to all models listed above, the STASH Model CT6158 holders are also compatible with:

  • Topaz models SigLite T-L460-HSB, SigLite T-L460-B-R, SigLite T-LBK460-HSB-R, SigLite T-LBK460-B-R, SigGem T-L462-HSB-R, SigGem T-L462-B-R, SigGem T-LBK462-HSB-R, SigGem T-LBK462-B-R and SigGem T-LBK462-BSB-R

The STASH CT6158 can support any signature pad model that is less than 25 mm thick and has a flat front-facing edge.

Smart Phone Compatibility

Below are just a few examples of the smart phones that the STASH models CT6158 and CT6125 can support.

  • Apple iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus,  iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X
  • Samsung Galaxy S6, Samsung Galaxy S7, Samsung Galaxy S8+, Samsung Galaxy S9, Samsung Galaxy S9+, Samsung Galaxy S II, Samsung Galaxy S III and Samsung Galaxy S III Mini
  • As well as many others (confirm required dimensions before buying)
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