signotec Sigma – Signature Pad with LCD
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The signotec LCD Signature Pad ?Sigma? with its 4? Monochrome Display is a signature capture device “Made in Germany” fully developed and produced by signotec with a 2 years warranty. It is extremely compact and is therefore ideal for mobile use. When it’s stationary it still shines with its flat construction and the optional pen holder.

(special price while supplies last)


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Product Description

The Sigma signature pad sets a new standard for electronic signature capture devices, in terms of its size and the resolution of the display. Among the device’s unique features are the outstanding display of graphics and text, the technical properties for digitizing signatures, it’s extremely flat design and, above all, its smooth surface and a sensor that is flush with the housing. This design enables signing to be highly ergonomic. The rounded sides also allow the heel of the hand to pass fluidly from the device to the table without disrupting the signing process.

The high sensor also allows for sweeping signatures, without the user inadvertently reaching the limits of the sensor. This is vital to ensure that the signature is captured naturally and securely. Furthermore, extensive graphical and textual information can be displayed, which often plays an important role in stationary use. As a result, the pad is also an inexpensive alternative for stationary applications.

The transfer of data from the pad to the PC is encrypted, which is why it is not possible to spy on the biometric features of the signature. Since the electronics, firmware, drivers and applications have been developed by signotec itself, the hardware and software are ideally matched.

Key Features

  • Special foil surface for a precise pen input
  • Optional backlight, perfect for changing or unfamiliar lighting conditions
  • Pen with special, resilient pen tip
  • 1.024 pressure levels
  • 500 Hz sampling rate
  • Highest security through unique security features and RSA encryption
  • Delivery incl. protective pouch
  • Individual design possibilities (colors and logos)

Software and Integration

Software and Integration Support 

The signotec signature pads can be used or integrated with various software products.

Capture a signature as an image

To capture the signature as an image, you can use the free “signoPAD-Tools”. The signature can be saved in various formats, sizes, resolutions and colors and e.g. (automatically) be inserted into Word.

PDF Signature

If you want to sign PDF documents and forms legally compliant and verifiable, you can use signotec “signoSign/2”. signoSign/2 offers besides the possibility to sign PDF documents many features to process the document automatically. More information can be found on the linked product page.

Other applications

Many software products already support signotec signature pads. You can request this directly from your software provider.

Developer (Integration)

As a software developer / integrator, you can integrate the signotec signature pads via various interfaces into local or web-based applications. You will find more in the section “Software -> Developer (SDK / API)”.

Additional Information

  • Affordable, monochrome LCD signature tablet
  • Ultra-slim design – only 1cm thick
  • Very flat surface without depressions or edges
  • Compact size for stationary and mobile use
  • High-resolution display for luminous text and graphics
  • No special pen or batteries required
  • USB cable is firmly linked with the pad (Anti-theft protection)
  • Long service life and robust
  • Outstanding technical data for digitizing signatures
  • High security due to encrypted data transfer
  • Customer-defined case color and logo
  • Unique RSA-signature creation device and RSA-encryption methods inside the pad
  • HID-USB – no driver installation necessary
  • Optional internal USB to serial converter for terminal server support
  • Automatic pad recognition
  • Control of 2 LEDs in the front
  • Signature input area can be defined and deleted
  • Buttons can be defined, queried and cancelled on the display
  • The application interface version is retrievable
  • The model number and firmware version of the pad is retrievable as well
  • Retrievable explicit serial number
  • Output of up to 500 samples per second of X, Y, time and pressure coordinates
  • Auto-Power-Off with relevant signal on USB bus
  • Signature display in real time
  • Secure mode is only transmitting unusable data of the signature for real time display


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