signotec Delta 10.1″ Pen-Display Monitor


This signotec Delta is a 10.1″ high resolution color pen-display monitor made of hardened special glass.that works as a second monitor without any SDK.

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Product Description

The signotec Delta Pen-Display is a monitor extension with pen input at 10,1”. It is not a signature pad as you are accustomed to by signotec. Compared to the signotec Delta Signature Pad it is a simple monitor extension based on the DisplayLink®-Technology. It is connected via USB and presents itself as a second monitor. The main screen can be duplicated or expanded using the monitor settings of Windows. The signature capture application (eg. signoSign/2) then runs on the second monitor, which is the signotec Delta Pen Display.

The signotec Delta Pen-Display is not accessible via the well-known SDK’s like the signoPAD API and does neither have the possibility to control the contents of the screen, nor display buttons or run slideshows. The content of the display is controlled exclusively by the signature application. The integration possibilities are limited and the encryption option in the pad itself is not possible.

However, this can be the advantage for some applications: You do not need any SDK and all applications are supported which also have a corresponding pen input function. In addition to the display and signature of documents, the device can also be used for notes and drawings of applications that allow this. This innovative technology does not require any integration. However, an SDK is still available for developers to access the coordinates of the pen and the print data. With this SDK, the mouse movement can also be separated from the pen input.

The signotec Delta pad can be placed on the desk in a space-saving manner or can be brought into an oblique position with its integrated stand. In addition, it comes with a 75 VESA- mounting device for mounting on third-party fixtures. There are two pen holders for the best ergonomics and the respective application: either horizontally above the device or inclined to the user.

Key Features

  • Robust 10.1“ pen display extension.
  • High resolution colour display with 1.280 x 800 pixels
  • Extremely flat and modern design.
  • Display made of hardened special glass.
  • Extreme long service life and robust.
  • Battery-free pen with changeable pen tip.
  •  Electromagnetic Resonance Technology, the sensor is only responding to the pen.
  •  No malfunction when simultaneously touching the surface with hand.
  •  Records “flying movements” up to 5 mm.
  •  Perfect digital handwriting with 2048-level pen pressure sensitivity.
  •  Exchangeable USB cable with reliable strain relief.
  •  Vertical and horizontal pen holder.
  •  Outstanding technical data for digitising signatures.
  •  Monitor/display extension with “DisplayLink®” technology
  •  One-Cable (USB) Plug-n-Play technology.
  •  Signature directly on the screen / digital document with application which supporting pen-input.
  •  Low Level API for Pen-Input available

Additional Information


Thickness 13 – 23 mm
Width 280 mm
Height 205 mm


Type 10,1“ full colour TFT LCD pen display extension
Number of colours 16,7 Million
Resolution 1.280 x 800 pixel absolute ≙ 150 x 150 ppi
Pixel pitch 0.1695 x 0.1695 mm
Brightness 250 cd/m²
Active Area 216,96 mm x 135,6 mm
Viewing Angles Horizontal 90°, vertical 130° @CR≥10
Surface Treatment 8H Extremely durable, hardened special glass
Technology ERT (Electronic Resonance Technology): Suitable for on-screen hand writing, no influence by hand touch
Pressure stages 2.048 pressure stages
Pen Active and battery-free pen with changeable pen tips
Life span of the pen tip 1,2 Mill. at 250 gram pressure and 2,5 cm length
Total lifetime 30 Mill signatures


Electronics / Digitizations
Technology Display Link® monitor extension via USB
Digitizer Resolution 5.080 LPI (43.600 x 27.400 points)
Output rate of the coordinates 280 Hz 4D Samples (consisting of x, y, time, pressure)
Accuracy +/- 0.5 mm (middle), +/- 1.0 mm (edge)
Pen tilt angle +/- 45°
Detectable height 5-15 mm
USB port USB-HID Hi-Speed (high-speed interrupt transfers) and USB Hi-Speed (high-speed bulk transfers).
Serial number Unique serial number on product label
LED Indication While attached to PC: amber/yellow

When successfully configured: green While PC is in standby or off: LED is off

Power consumption 1.250 mA at 4,75 – 5,25 V DC
Supported Operating Systems MS Windows, Mac OS, Linux


Cable port Micro USB with cord grip to 2x USB-B (Y-Cable)
Power Supply Unit (included) USB Power Supply (2.1 A, 5 V)
Cable length 2,5 meter
Weight 620 grams
Pen attachment Highly flexible textile tether
VESA mount Size: 75x75mm; Screws for thermoplastic, diameter: 3mm, max. penetration depth: 6,5mm
Certifications and standards TÜV, CE, DIN EN 60950-1, DIN EN 61000-6-1, DIN 61000-6-3
ROHS ROHS compliant
Tamper-proof closure Optionally the case can be glued
Barcode A barcode with a serial number is located on the device and the cardboard box
WEEE-Reg.-No. (German register for used devices) DE 41995888
Operating systems Windows XP (SP3) and later, Windows Server 2003 and later, Windows Terminal server support, Linux; 32 and 64 Bit
Protection class IP 52
Driver for monitor extension
Driver for pen input
Low-Level API for Pen-Input On request


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