Effective as of August 20th of 2018, Computime was named as a Fulfillment Partner for TPK America.  Users of multi-touch monitors and TPK’s World Renown PCap displays can look to us as a primary supplier. We have increased our inventory levels, have more competitive pricing, and continue to have an amazing support structure from the factory.

Who Is TPK?

TPK is the world’s largest touch technology manufacturer, and the industry-leading projected capacitive (PCap) touch technology for monitors embedded touch comput­ers with models ranging in size from 10” to 55”.  TPK monitors serve a diverse set of industries including retail point-of-sale, medical, industrial, financial and transportation to name a few.  The TPK brand is not mass marketed like many of their competitors, allowing for price protection on both small and large opportunities

What TPK Touch Monitors Provide?

TPK PCap Displays provide a Sophisticated Bezel-Free Design
Smooth touch surface across the entire face of the monitor for refined aesthetics and easy cleanability and an optically bonded cover glass provides a highly durable surface for longer, trouble-free service life.

Widescreen or Standard Models
TPK offer a choice of 4:3, 5:4 and 16:9 aspect ratios, giving you flexible options for your applications.

Multiple Format Choices
TPK offers Desktop, Slim Line and Open Frame monitors to allow users of touch applications to have flexibility within one brand. 

To learn more about TPK Touch Monitors and their family of Projective Capacitive Multi-Touch Interactive Displays.. Click Here

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